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Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Piticot Arimot 1
Red Elf 1 Red Elf 2 Red Elf 3 Red Elf 4
Numbral 1 Shaiman 1 Sumwon and Babedsood Ulgalan
Dwarf 1 Fat Orc Orc 2 Vampire 1
Troll Anatomy Good Troll Troll 3 Troll 4
Troll 2 Zmeu 1 Indian Horse Gnome
Capcaun Drac Gnome Ages Gnome Technician
Half Goblin Knossos Minotaur Moon Priestess Ogre
Orc Orc Cherbi Orc Chieftain Orc Magus
Piticot Barba Cot Prehistoric Orc Savage Troll The Good Giant
Urban Vampire Tribal Orc Vampire Moon Prayer Zmeu 2
Zmeu Portrait